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, sunny skies. tiverton the upper 60s laws seventies. >> it will feel like spring. >> 716 years traffic george. >> not looking at any hot spots. moderate condition that the bay bridge 16-18 minute drive times coming out the macarthur mmaize. less than that for the and th limitre and it's a prnimitz >> looking at the drive times and the traffic maps here 22 minutes from hercules to berkeley. for the easter freeway some slower traffic into walnut creek 680 southbound. south bay we mentioned the heavy traffic at the guadalupe parkway already on 101 northbound. >> this drive time out of the coyote valley 24 minutes up to the montague expressway. >> the north bay ride not bad. the drive time around 32 minutes from the bottnavato the golden gate bridge. ems on bart, caltran, h train three and five are on time. the muni metro is not reporting any problems that james. >> thank you george. it is 719 world headlines. catholics from the world over the weekend to see and hear them pope . >> here is video. more th20,000 more than 200,000 people packed st. peter's square on sunday. pope francis greet
up then. law enforcement officers from all agencies involved in the week-long manhunt will read reports, listen to tapes, and come to a consensus by mid april. dorner was wanted for killing four people including two police officers. >> nearly 100 days after the school massacre that put a gun control back in the spotlight, the sandy hook advisory committee meets to discuss violence prevention measures today. vice- president joe biden and new york city mayor michael boone were met with the families of the december school massacre in sandy hook elementary. both men also talked about the importance of having a stronger background check system for all gun sales. the nra has filed suit fight the bill that is set for the by the senate majority leader harry reid. the nra also filed a federal suit thirsted disputing the constitutionality of the governor andrew cuomo's safe act. the said act is a sweeping gun control bill that cuomo signed into law in january. >> thousands of government workers can expect temporary furloughs over the next six months. the house voted yesterday to keep the
, connecticut to discuss the need of commons as federal gun laws. >> we have a chance was to quick listen. >> 86% of voters approve such background checks and polls in a national cross- section of 21 states. >> that is in line with other recent polls that have found that more than 90 percent of americans support background checks for all gun buyers. >> the republican has found that 82 percent of gun owners including 74% of national rifle association members support requiring criminal background checks for anyone purchasing a gun. >> there is no real debate among the american people. around the country americans understand requiring a background check for every gun sell is just good common sense. >> in some states they're taking action including new york banks to the governor cuomo and colorado who as in such terrible mass murders. >> in connecticut the governor has proposed that legislators have a minority to work on firearm gun laws. >> limiting the size of high-capacity magazines and strengthening anti trafficking measures. >> newtown, conn. hazlitt a big role in advancing this legislation. th
to the law or exit. >> good morning george. we're starting to dry out. still cloudy skies. some areas of light rain. storm tracker 4 shows the heart of the bay is dry but we have areas of light rain in the north bay. and it's a part of the south bay toward pes cadero . >> morgan hill looking at light rain. san jose's starting to dry out as well. san jose is try even livermore. far east and the mountains we are looking at what weather. east bay also, most of the drive for concord, walnut creek, toward antioch and ease of redwood we still have some areas of light rain. >> the ball of the moisture has moved east and is turning to relevance snow and the tall area. >> great news for the ski resorts. we can see the not hold a lot of moisture as anticipated. >> futurecast 4 shows you how much more in we can expect, when, where. to o'clock some areas of light rain scattered showers. 1:00 we will see cloudy conditions for hayward, fremont. you could pick up another showers to. >> that will start to see things drying out for the rest of the day to o'clock and isolated showers overall will start
of people in trouble with the law. a record 475 arrests were made in a state known as operation salt shoulder tap. stanley roberts as a look inside >> can we talk to? >> this man, this man, this man, and this man, they all have one thing in common. in fact, more than 400 people around the state of california have done the exact same thing. local police conducted a statewide operation to curb the sale of alcohol to minors. as a good look at what actually happens. this guy's face is blurred and he is a 17 year-old police decoy to simply ask strangers to buy him beer. he even tells people he is 17 and cannot legally buy alcohol. the man and a lack of ready agrees to buy the boy beer but not before looking around to see if anyone is watching. after a few minutes, what he returns with a 12 pack of beer to the decoy and in the police moved in. >> right now you're gonna get a ticket for giv >> instead of taking money from the boy, he decided to buy him a beer with his own money. >> we're trying to educate the public. you need to be aware that we were trying to stop underage drinking. >> thi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5